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Selecting the Right Flag Pole.

To assist in selecting the right flagpole for your installation, we’ve pictured below the basic flagpole types. For standard specifications, a description of options and product listing click on the photos below to go to our on-line Flagpole Catalog. All standard flagpoles are engineered to meet wind speed requirements per NAAMM’s latest standards on wind speed specified for your area.

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 Foundation Methods
Once a decision has been made on the type of flagpole, determine the method of installing the foundation. Setting the pole into the ground (Ground Set) is the standard foundation method, or fasten the pole to a concrete pad (Shoe Base). Other types of flagpoles require a wall mount.

Finish Options
Mason-Hall offers satin aluminum, achieved by rotary sanding as a standard finish. Contact Mason-Hall for a list of optional finishes available, including Thermoset Powder Paint and Anodized finishes.





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